There are currently five villages in Horse Haven where you can build your ranches and keep your horses: one in the US, one in France, one in England, one in Germany, and one is a Fantasy Island on the North American map. In the game, players start their ranch owner life in the US village, while the French village opens when players upgrade to Level 11. When players reaches Level 19, German Village is ready for their exploration. Then the English village, when a player reaches level 27. You can unlock the fantasy island as soon as you get to level 20, if you have enough Dream Jewels or invite 5 Facebook friends to help you.  


The 5 settings have distinctive appearances with lovely scenic views. Plus, the buildings and decorations available to the players vary depending on what village they’re in. Some horse breeds are also specific to market location. Please check the Buildings page, Decorations  page and Horses page for more information. 

German Village was introduced to the game in Version 2.8.0.

English Village was introduced to the game in Version 3.7.0

Since the update of Version 2.6.0, players can name their village.