You can enter your Horse in 6 different Steeplechase[1] races across the World! What fantastic rewards will you earn together?

How To Enter a Steeplechase

Every race has an energy Icon horse energy requirement, so your horse must have at least that much energy available[2]. Once entered, the energy "cost" will be deducted from your horse's stats[3].

You will also earn an Appearance Fee of coins just for entering[4]!

When there is a Steeplechase Skill Event active, the milestones have additional special rewards!



Description: Mexico is the first Steeplechase location players will have access to. Running on the gentle plains can be fun, but watch out for obstacles! The weather conditions can change in Mexico!

Mexico Map

Player Unlock Level: 1

Energy Cost: 5 Icon horse energy

Mexico Race Mexican Steeplechase 2


Description: When facing Russia's slippery snow covered trail, even the speediest horses receive a penalty to their Speed skill. The sun does come out occasionally!

Russia Map

Level Unlocked: 7

Energy Cost: 8 Icon horse energy

Russia Race 1 Russia Race 2


Description: Running the Steeplechase in Australia's heat can be quite exhausting. The blazing sun causes all horses to receive a penalty to their Stamina skill.

Australia Map

Level Unlocked: 14

Energy Cost: 12 Icon horse energy

Australia Race 1 Australia Race 2


Description: The wealthiest steeplechase to run is in Japan, surrounded by beautiful cherry blossoms.

Japan Map

Level Unlocked: 18

Energy Cost: 18 Icon horse energy

Japan Race 1 Japan Race 2


Description: The steeplechase in Brazil (2.6.0) has a new challenge, now horses must switch between two levels! The weather is ever-changing in this location!


Level Unlocked: 16

Energy Cost: 15 Icon horse energy

Brazil Race 1 Brazil Race 2


Description: This gorgeous location was opened in 2015. The Nordic steeplechase comes in full 3D, your viewpoint changes throughout the race! See the Northern Lights, rush through Snowflakes, and catch a glimpse of Santa and his reindeer. You might run in snow or shine here!

IMG 5297

Level Unlocked: 18

Energy Cost: 20 Icon horse energy

IMG 5279
IMG 5281

Cloud Race

Description: The Cloud Race takes place high above the world, and thus can only be run by Constellation Horses. During the Cloud Race you can come across Dream Jewels you need to unlock Fantasy Horses.

IMG 5292

Level Unlocked: 18

Energy Cost: 20

IMG 5285
IMG 5290

Things You'll Encounter

Boost Shop (must be purchased before starting Steeplechase)
Remains active entire run (or until first collision, when it prevents stamina loss once). Costs Coin to activate. Does not reactivate.
Temporary speed boost and obstacle immunity. Costs Coin to activate. Also activated when Save Me is used.
Doubles starting stamina. Costs Coin in Mexico and Russia, costs Diamond in all other locations. Does not reactivate with Save Me.
Horse jump distance and height is boosted. Costs Diamond to activate
Objects near the horse are automatically collected. Costs Diamond to activate
Double Coin
Double coin
Coins collected are doubled. Costs Diamond to activate

In-Race Encounters

Items or Boosts


Name Icon Description If hit, causes loss to stamina & speed
Coin (Yellow)
Coin yellow
Collectable. Value = 1 Coin Hurdle
Steeplechase hurdle
must jump it, longer distances have increased height
Coin (Blue)
Coin blue
Collectable. Value = 2 Coins Bank/Berm
Steeplechase block
must jump it
Coin (Purple)
Coin purple
Collectable. Value = 3 Coins Arch
Obstacle arch
must be run under, cannot be jumped
Red Heart
Steeplechase Heart
Collectable Boost. Restores some stamina. Hoop Jump
Steeplechase obstacle hoop
must be jumped through
Collectable Boost. Temporary speed boost and obstacle immunity. Tall Hoop Jump
Steeplechase obstacle TALL-hoop
must be jumped through, only horses with upgraded Jump skill can clear it
Coin Tower
Steeplecheese milestone coins
Milestone reward (approx 50-75 coins) Ravine
Ravine ballons
must be jumped, if horse falls in, causes severe loss to stamina and speed

Notes & References

  1. Horse Haven Steeplechases closely resemble real-world Equestrian Cross-Country
  2. Link to *max* Energy Level Chart (max energy is shown for Level 15 horses).
  3. Your horse's energy will refill with "rest", or you can do some activities to restore your horse's energy quicker (and gain some Level star EXP)!
  4. The amount earned depends on the race location and the breed of the horse (Mexico is lowest, Nordic is the Highest)


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