Speed is one of three performance skills a horse might have in Horse Haven. A horse can be born with speed skill. The level of this skill dictates how fast a horse will run through a steeplechase (which can impact how far you get before you need to use Diamonds to continue). It also determines the top speed of your horse during a Horse Race.

Breeding Quest: To quickly find a horse with a level 6 (Speed lv6) speed skill, check the following list: Excellent Speed. For any other level of skill, go to Skill Chart.

Levels of Speed
N/A 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Horse Badge Icon Speed 0 Speed 1 Speed 2 Speed 3 Speed 4 Speed 5 Speed lv6 SPD7(240%)
Boost +100% +120% +140% +160% +180% +200% +220% +240%
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