Unique to the German Ranch, the Mine can bring you coins, diamonds, or jewels.

To dig out your treasures, you first need to pick a tool to work at your Mine. Once you’ve done that, wait for a spell of time, and, eventually, you’ll get a reward! 

Don’t forget that there are several possible outcomes regarding what currency you receive from the Mine. Each time you dig, you will only be rewarded with one specific type of currency. For example, you can receive 1000 coins OR 2 pearls, but not 500 coins AND 1 pearl. It all depends on luck! The following chart shows what tools you can use and what possible outcomes there are for each tool.

To harvest better rewards, you need to upgrade your Mine. The higher level the Mine is, you’ll receive better or greater amounts of prizes.

The Mine becomes available to players once they’ve reached level 22.

Available Tool Player available level Production Cost Production Time Possible Outcome


DE MineTool L1

22 500 Coin 1 Hour 1000  Coin Pearl Ruby


DE MineTool L2

24 800 Coin 3 Hours 1600 Coin Pearl 10 Diamond


DE MineTool L3

27 1200 Coin 5 Hours 2400  Coin Diamond Emerald


DE MineTool L4

30 1800 Coin 8 Hours 3200  Coin Ruby 20 Diamond


DE MineTool L5

33 2500 Coin 12 Hours 4000 Coin Emerald Sapphire