Horse Haven Small
Horse Haven: World Adventures
Developer: Ubisoft
Genre: Horse Simulation
Horse Breeding
Platform(s): iOS
Release: February 12, 2015

About the App

Horse Haven: World Adventures is a horse simulation video game created by Ubisoft. The game is available for free on the iOS (Apple App Store), Android (Google Play), and Fire OS (Amazon Store) platforms.


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Game Description

Welcome to Horse Haven: World Adventures! You are now the new owner of a horse stable. The world is yours, make it the perfect horse haven! Create and manage a dream horse farm spanning multiple exotic sites all over the world. Raise the perfect horse companion and join together in fun steeplechase races and activities!

Horse Haven World Adventures -- Launch Trailer

Horse Haven World Adventures -- Launch Trailer

CREATE YOUR DREAM HORSE HAVEN around the world: a majestic ranch in the USA, a charming stud farm in France, exotic stables in Germany and a royal stud farm in England.

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RAISE THE BEST HORSES: Pet, nurture, feed, and groom your equine friends to help them grow from foal to adult!

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DOZENS OF HORSES TO BREED, including the most famous ones: The Arabian, Quarter horse, Thoroughbred , Mustang...

Mate your champions with your friend's to unlock the rarest and best horses!

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CUSTOMIZE YOUR HORSES with stylish saddles, fancy leg wraps and unique bridles and headgear. 

Capture and share their best looks with your friends!

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RUN STEEPLECHASE AROUND THE WORLD and compete in the most gorgeous backdrops: Mexico's pyramid valley, Russia's snowy plains, Japans cherry blossoms... 

Challenge your friends to win trophies and rewards weekly and climb the daily leaderboards!

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