Gotland Pony
Horse -gotland pony- Tier1
Basic Info
Country: All
Player Level Unlock: 19
Market Level Unlock: 1

Official Description Edit

The Gotland Pony (also known as "Gotland Russ") is an old pony breed from Sweden. The word "Russ" is an old term for "riding horse".

This breed used to live wild on Gotland Island, but now have been domesticated in places as far as America. However, there are still a few semi-feral ponies on Gotland Island.1

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How to Breed Edit

Parent Breed 1 Parent Breed 2 % Chance
Welsh Pony Connemara Pony 32%
Welsh Pony Chincoteague Pony 31%
Welsh Pony Shetland Pony 30%
Dartmoor Pony Wurttemberger 42%

Breeding with a Gotland Pony Edit

Parent Breed 1 Parent Breed 2 Foal
Gotland Pony Gotland Pony Gotland Pony
Connemara Pony Highland Pony
Chincoteague Pony
Shetland Pony

Game Information Edit

Portrait Rarity Speed Stamina Jump Max Energy Max Sell Price Max Income (Per Hour)
Tier 1 Horse -gotland pony- Tier1 Rare Speed 0 Stamina 3 Jump 2 22 43 Diamond 204 Coin
Tier 2 Horse -gotland pony- Tier2 Rare Speed 0 Stamina 3 Jump 3 27 55 Diamond 246 Coin
Tier 3 Horse -gotland pony- Tier3 Elite Speed 2 Stamina 3 Jump 3 48 77 Diamond 270 Coin
Tier 4 Gotland t4 Mythic Speed 3 Stamina 4 Jump 4 77 102 Diamond 318 Coin

References Edit

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