Here you can find a list of common and important terms used in the game and Horse Haven: World Adventures Wiki.

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Coins Edit

The basic currency in Horse Haven: World Adventures. It can be earned several ways see Main Article: Currencies. In a steeplechase each coin color has a different value: Yellow (1), Blue (2), Purple (3).

Common Horses Edit

These are "regular" horse breeds. Main Article: Horses

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Diamonds Edit

A more expensive currency used for upgrades, expansions. Main Article: Diamonds

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Exclusive Horses Edit

These are horses usually released/associated with limited events. Main Article: Exclusive Horses

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Fantasy Horses Edit

These are one of the unrealistic horse types. Main Article: Fantasy Horses

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Horsepedia Edit

An in-game information resource. Main Article: Horsepedia

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Jump Edit

One of the three skills a horse can have. Allows it to jump higher in Steeplechases. Main Article: Skills



Mating horses of the same breed together is called Pure-Breeding. Main Article: Breeding

Purebreeders Society Edit

This is where you can earn and use Common Jewels to unlock Tier 4 horse certificates. Main Article: Purebreeders Society

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Rarity Edit

There are 5 types of Rarity: Special, Rare, Elite, Mythic, Legendary. Not every breed has every rarity level.


Skills Edit

Horses can have up to 3 performance skills and 2 weather skills. Main Article: Skills

Speed Edit

One of the three skills a horse can have. Allows it to run at a faster pace in Steeplechases.

Stamina Edit

One of the three skills a horse can have. Allows it to run for a longer distance in Steeplechases.

T Edit


There are 3 Tiers (levels) for all of the horse breeds. Some horse breeds have an additional level, Tier 4, which you must have unlocked the certificate from the Purebreeders Society in order to breed it.

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