Horse Haven: World Adventures holds various types of events for its players on regular basis. Some of them introduce new activities and gameplay elements, while others offer time-limited items such as decorations or customization items. Occasionally, some special new horse breeds are introduced into the game.
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To stay tuned in to any of the events happening at one time, players can simply tap on the event board, which can be found on both the US and France’s farms.

The first two events introduced to the game will be the Royal Race event and the Arabian Nights event. The Royal Race event begins on June 18th GMT, 2015 and ends on July 2nd GMT, 2015 corresponding to the British Royal Race in real world! The Arabian Nights event begins on June 18th GMT, 2015, and ends on July 18th GMT, 2015.

Ongoing EventEdit

Constellation Horse EventEdit

In the Constellation Horse Event series, 12 Constellation Horses are introduced to the game, one by one, according to zodiac sign dates. 

Each Constellation Horse is only able to be obtained by purchasing or by breeding , during the zodiac sign period it stands for. But once you get it, it will stay in your stable for good.

Each Constellation Horse can be bred through a special breeding combination, which will be shown with zodiac symbols on the breeding UI. The in-game Horsepedia will offer you a detailed breeding recipe to help to get a constellation horse. But please note that, like breeding normal horses, it all depends on luck. 
Libra Deco
As an extra gift, each time you get your first Constellation Horse of a new zodiac sign (either by breeding or purchasing), you will be rewarded with a special Constellation Decoration, also unique to each zodiac sign.

Check the Constellation Horse page for more specific details.

Time-Limited Events Edit

Horse Haven has many time-limited events each year, usually centering around some kind of seasonal celebration or an event in the equestrian world.

Constellation I breeding event Edit

Beacuse of unknown reasons, after update V4.8. Constellation I horses became unobtainable through breeding. The only method to obtain such a horse is by completing Special Quests or just waiting for a Constellation I breeding event.

The event is available 1-3 times a year (on random dates) and lasts one week.

During this event players can breed any Constellation I horse.

Christmas EventEdit

2015 Edit

During this event, players were introduced to a new steeplechase - the Nordic Steeplechase. Amy made her fashionable debut with a cute Santa outfit, and presented the players with three event-exclusive resources: Mistletoe, Candy Canes, and Snowflakes. 


These event-exclusive resources were used to help Santa rebuild his sleigh. Upon rebuilding his sleigh, users would get a gorgeous decoration for their ranch, which could be added to with a time-limited Rudolph decoration. Users could also buy a Christmas Tree from the Gift Shop, which would light up by asking 10 friends in the game for help. 

Three new horse breeds were also introduced: the Gotland Pony, the Icelandic Horse, and the Knabstrupper

2016 Edit


2017 Edit

In 2017 the Christmas Event came with 5.4.0. version of the game. It introduced some new features like the Gabriel Christmas horse or new version of the Christmas Event: Carriage Quests. At the end of the event you can exchange points (bells) for christmas presents.                                       

Thanksgiving EventEdit

During this event , the US Grand Stable was finally introduced to the game. Reflecting the charitable nature of Thanksgiving as a holiday, the Grand Stable was available for just 1 coin for the entirety of the Thanksgiving Event. Every user who had connected their accounts to Facebook also received 100 diamonds as a sign of gratitude. 

 Users also received a rotating schedule of daily bonuses throughout the event. Bonuses including a double of the daily harvest, and a doubling of horse experience gained.

The Thanksgiving Event was available from Nov. 19th, GMT, 2015 to Dec. 3rd, GMT, 2015.

Road to the Kentucky Derby Edit

The Road to the Kentucky Derby was a event. You could get horses through racing and collecting pieces for breeding recipes.

Yellow Rose Cup Edit

For more details see: Yellow Rose Cup page

 During this event, which coincides with the real-life Melbourne Cup, players are able to participate in special events – a quiz, harvest, steeplechase and relay race – to gain special prizes and rewards. These include exclusive male and female Edie Event horses, with a special Yellow Rose Tattoo, as well as costume items such as bows, fascinators, saddles, and decorations such as the Yellow Rose Gate. 

The Yellow Rose Event Pack is also available during this time, comprising an exclusive Mattie Event horse and an 80% resources multiplier. 

Amy also debuted a new outfit, paying homage to the Melbourne Cup (which is arguably more famous for its fashion contests than its horse races).

The Yellow Rose Cup was available from Oct. 15th, GMT, 2015 to Oct. 28th GMT, 2015, and from Nov. 1st, GMT, 2017 to Dec. 3rd, GMT, 2017. 

Okertoberfest Event Edit

During the event, you’ll be able to participate in Quiz Games to earn event-exclusive resources which then can be used to build a special decoration item hidden inside our Mysterious Tent. You’ll be able to continue completing quizzes after the Event, but then you’ll be rewarded with regular resources, such as coins or diamonds.

3 event-exclusive resources are: Pretzel, Sausage, and Mustard.  
Okertoberfest Exclusive Resources

There’s 1 event-exclusive decoration item (a Carousel) hidden inside the Mysterious Tent. A Mysterious Tent is available to every player who reaches lvl 9 during the event. 

Oktoberfest Event is available from Sept. 9th, GMT, 2015 to Oct. 10th, GMT, 2015.                                       

Other Past Events Edit

Name of the Event Duration Date
Royal Race June 18th GMT, 2015 - July 2nd GMT, 2015
Arabian Nights

June 18th GMT, 2015 - July 18th GMT, 2015

Permanent EventsEdit

Breeding EventEdit

Since Version 2.7.0, a new, once-a-month event is introduced into the game: Breeding Event. Unlike the Constellation Horse Event, the Breeding Event ends after just one or two weeks, and the next Breeding Event begins when another Constellation Horse Event is launched. For a more detailed timetable, please refer to the Constellation Horse Event Timetable.

During each Breeding Event, players are offered a favorable discount regarding the cost and time it takes to breed. More specifically, whenever a player breeds two horses during the event, he or she will gain a discount of up to 50% in breeding cost. Also, the time to get a foal from the breeding stable will be shortened. A special UI will indicate how much it is saved, either in terms of time or cost.  
Event Breeding

In addition, each day that the Breeding Event is going on, players will have one chance to expand the possibility of getting the foal they want – for free! But only one free chance is available in a day.