Dutch Harness
Dutch harness T1
Basic Info
Country: France
Player Level Unlock: 23
Market Level Unlock: 4

Official Description Edit

The Dutch Harness Horse is a warmblood breed of fine driving horse that was developed in the Netherlands at the end of World War II. In the past few years, a handful have come to North America, where they are owned by devotees of sport horses and saddle seat horses alike.1

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How to Breed Edit

Parent Breed 1 Parent Breed 2 % Chance
Gelderland Groningen 22%
Gelderland Dutch Warmblood 26%
Groningen Dutch Warmblood 26%

Breeding with a Dutch Harness Edit

Parent Breed 1 Parent Breed 2 Foal
Dutch Harness Dutch Harness Dutch Harness
Groningen Dutch Warmblood
Gelderland Haflinger
Dutch Warmblood Westphalian
Bavarian Warmblood
Haflinger Bavarian Warmblood
Dartmoor Pony Icelandic Horse
Chincoteague Pony
Wurttemberger Irish Sport
Orlov Trotter
Australian Brumby
Jutland Thoroughbred
Clydesdale Shire

Game Information Edit

Portrait Rarity Speed Stamina Jump Max Energy Max Sell Price Max Income (Per Hour)
Tier 1 Dutch harness T1 Rare Speed 0 Stamina 5 Jump 0 25 51 Diamond 240 Coin
Tier 2 Dutch harness T2 Elite Speed 0 Stamina 5 Jump 2 39 69 Diamond 264 Coin
Tier 3 Dutch harness T3 Elite Speed 2 Stamina 5 Jump 2 52 86 Diamond 294 Coin
Tier 4 Dutch Harness T4 Mythic Speed 3 Stamina 5 Jump 4 90 116 Diamond 360 Coin

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References Edit

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