Diamonds are necessary for game progression in Horse Haven: World Adventures. They are more valuable than coins and so are more time-consuming to acquire.


Spending DiamondsEdit

You will need Diamonds:

Diamonds can also be used to:[2]

  • Skip almost all wait timers
  • Unlock Stables "early" (before player level coin unlock)
  • Purchase some Steeplechase boosters
  • Increase the possibility for a specific foal and/or Retry the breeding
  • Purchase Common Jewels and Dream Jewels
  • Purchase some Market breeds

Obtaining DiamondsEdit

Diamonds can be purchased with real-world currency and there are several ways to earn diamonds in-game: 

  • Most breeds[3] above level 10 can be sold for Diamond[4]
  • Complete and claim all 5 Daily Quests[5]
  • Claim the Daily Login Reward[6]
  • Watch Daily Videos [7]
  • Complete upgrade Quests that award Diamonds
  • If you can rank in the Top 3 of a country’s steeplechase weekly finishers, diamonds are awarded
  • Fulfilling Horse Wrangle requests[8]
  • Use Mine tools that might "dig up" Diamonds

Random/Chance Ways to Obtain Diamonds: Edit

  • Cleaning up the paddock debris has bonus diamond drops of 1 or 2 Diamond
  • When leveling horses from 11 to 15, you'll spin the level up reward wheel that might have a diamond chance
  • When visiting your friend's ranches and petting their horses, occasionally diamonds drop

Special Reference Notes Edit

  1. These can get very expensive!
  2. though not specifically required for game progression
  3. Exception is TIER 1 Quarter, Appaloosa and Standardbred
  4. Find your horse's Breed and check the max sell price ~ Horses
  5. rewards 10 diamonds
  6. Although the reward can vary, it's regularly Diamonds
  7. You can earn up to 15 diamonds each day this way
  8. When you fulfill all 3 items, you might be awarded either 10-45 Diamonds -OR- 1 Common Jewel (plus Coins & Dream Jewel), see that prize list chart!
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