Diamonds are precious items in Horse Haven: World Adventures. They are rarer and more valuable than coins .

Function of DiamondsEdit

Diamonds can be spent to skip the time it takes to:

  • Breed horses
  • Construct and upgrade buildings
  • Grow food; produce feeds and treats
  • Transfer horses
  • Finish the Stallion Safari
  • Finish the Tasks for the Tier 4 horses

Basically, almost anything that involves time!

They can also be spent to:

  • Skip the needs of horses
  • Get the next need of horses immediately
  • Purchase non-basic breeds
  • Unlock more stables when they are unavailable for player’s current level
  • Purchase decorations
  • Purchase customization items for horses
  • Purchase boosters for a steeplechase
  • Refill the stamina bar during a steeplechase
  • Increase the possibility for getting a foal of a specific breed
  • Retry the outcome of breeding
  • Purchase jewels (since Version 2.6.0)

Obtaining Diamonds in GameplayEdit

there are several ways to earn free diamonds: 

  • Sell high-level horses. In most breeds, horses above level 10 can be traded for diamonds. Check their max sell price in the Horses section.
  • Upgrade your horses from Level 10 to Level 15. For every level your horse is upgraded, you will have the chance to gain diamonds when you spin the reward wheel.
  • Login continuously for a minimum of 4 days and claim the daily login reward.
  • Complete achievements and claim diamonds as a reward.
  • Invite your friends and help pet their horses.
  • Get a good ranking on the leaderboard of a country’s steeplechase . If a player ranks first on the leaderboard, the player will be able to claim some diamonds as a prize.
  • Clean up a paddock to earn diamonds by chance.
  • Complete daily quests
  • Watch videos.
  • Sell Constellation Horses. These are always worth diamonds, even before level 10!
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