There are three types of currencies in Horse Haven: World Adventures: coins, diamonds and jewels. Together, these currencies can be used to purchase all necessary resources in the game.


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Coins are the main currency in the game. They can be used to buy seeds for growing food; to build and upgrade buildings; to breed or purchase new foals; to perform activities with horses; and to purchase decorations and customization items. 

Coins can be purchased with real-world currency in-game, but they can also be earned during gameplay through several ways. For example, collecting them from stables and the farm center; participating in steeplechases; selling horses or items in the inventory; and helping friends.


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Diamonds are precious items in Horse Haven: World Adventures. They are rarer and more valuable than coins. Diamonds are mostly used to save time in production, construction, and breeding. 

Diamonds can be purchased with real-world currency. However, they can also be earned by selling horses at the market. Most horses at levels 10 and above can be traded for diamonds. These gems are also awarded to players when they obtain achievements and when they claim enough daily rewards for continuous logins. 

Ever since the Royal Race event , diamonds can be used to purchase jewels. These are a new and even higher esteemed kind of currency. 

Common JewelsEdit

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Jewels are the newest type of currency, available in the game since Version 2.6.0. They made their debut in the time-limited Royal Race event.

There are 4 kinds of jewels. In order of least-to-most valuable, they are: Pearls, Rubies, Emeralds, and Sapphires. 

Jewels can be used to unlock Tier 4 certificates from the Purebreeders Society, and to purchase decoration and customization items. If you have a Carousel, you can exchange these for valuable items and horses. You can get jewels from during certain special events, completing quests, or from the Mines on the German Ranch. 

Dream Jewels Edit

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Dream Jewels are a type of currency closely associated with the Fantasy Horses. Dream Jewels can be used to befriend Fantasy Horses and boost the breeding chances of them, as well as to purchase some decorations on the Fantasy Island. They can be earned from the Cloud race, fulfilling requests for the Horse Wrangler, or as rewards from some events, such as the Steeplechase Skill Event.