Breeding is an important part of the game which allows players to obtain new and (if you’re in luck!) better horses. To start breeding, players must first unlock the breed house at level 5, then select two adult horses of opposite genders. Starting the breeding process requires coins, with the amount varying based on the horses being bred.

There are 3 possible foal results from breeding. The likelihood of getting a certain foal is based on the percentages shown. But the player can also spend diamonds to increase the possibility of getting a specific outcome. 

Note that the pink area on the breeding wheel does not always mean a foal of higher tier or rarity. For pure breeding, the pink area suggests a foal of higher tier; while for cross breeding, the pink area stands for a new bread, different from its parents. 

Let’s look at an example, if you breed two Tier 2 Rocky Mountains, the pink area indicates a Tier 3 Rocky Mountain. However, when you breed a Tier 3 Rocky Mountain with a Tier 3 Merens, the pink area stands for a Tier 1 Quarter foal, a different breed from its parents, but of lower rarity. 

Finally, the player must wait until the breeding process is complete. This can take anything between a few minutes to over a day depending on the parent breeds. Players may also speed up the process by asking friends for help or by spending diamonds. Once the foal is born, it must be placed into an empty stable.

Breeding with Friend's horse

Players may also visit a friend's farm and and breed with one of their horses. This is a good way of getting horse breeds you do not yet have, as you will get three options: the horse breed you used from your own stables, the horse breed you borrowed from your friend and the resulting horse breed from the combination. Your friend will receive a coin reward as compensation.

The breeding process is the same as with your own horses. First, go to your own village in the country where the horse you want to use is. Then go to your friend's place, select the horse and click breed. Now it will show you your own horses from the country you are in. Select the one you want to use, click breed and spin the wheel to see what foal you will get.

When you are using your friend's horses for breeding, you will get a slightly lower likelihood of getting a new breed or a higher tier to the ones shown in Horsepedia.


Players can mate horses of the same breed together to upgrade their Tier. The table below shows the options you will get when using different tier horses.

Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3
Tier 1 Tier 1, Tier 1 and Tier 2 Tier 1, Tier 1 and Tier 2 Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3
Tier 2 Tier 1, Tier 1 and Tier 2 Tier 2, Tier 2 and Tier 3 Tier 2, Tier 2 and Tier 3
Tier 3 Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3 Tier 2, Tier 2 and Tier 3 Tier 3, Tier 3 and Tier 4*

*Tier 4 is only an option if you have the certificate for the breed from Purebreeder's Society.

It is down to luck whether you will get a horse of higher Tier or not, but the likelihood changes with the combinations. For example, using a Tier 1 horse and a Tier 3 horse will usually give you 40-50% chance of getting a Tier 2 horse, whereas using two Tier 1 horses might result in a 20-25% chance of getting a Tier 2. However, it is more expensive to use a Tier 3 horse and the wait will be a bit longer.


For a specific horse breed, horses of higher tier may be of the same rarity level as horses of lower tier. For example, the Tier 1 and Tier 2 Quarters are both special breeds. You’re strongly recommended to check the Horses page and click on each horse breed to check the top possible rarity for each breed.

However, when you are breeding horses from Tier 1 to Tier 3, the rarity of the horse will be improved at least once, or in case of Tier 4 horses, twice. Still, the best rarity available varies with the horse breed. 

The eye color of horses have no direct link with the rarity or the tier of the horses – it’s random. But for horses of certain breed and tier, fur color is fixed. 

Breeding Constellation Horses

Introduced to the game in Version 2.7.0, the Constellation Horses have some special features in terms of breeding. 

If you want to get a Constellation Horse through breeding, you need to bear in mind that for each Constellation Horse, only one unique combination of common horses may bring you the chance to get one. This combination varies with whichever zodiac sign that the Constellation Horse stands for. The combination will only result in a Constellation horse during the Constellation Horse Event
Leo breeding recipe

During a zodiac sign period, an exclusive Horsepedia page in the game will show you the unique match that offers you chance to breed your Constellation Horse of the month. 

When you get the right match of horses to the breeding house, a zodiac symbol will let you know that it’s the right combination. 

Remember, the Constellation Horses can’t be bred with other common horses. And Constellation horses of different zodiac signs can’t be bred together, either. Only Constellation Horses of the same zodiac sign can be put together to win a chance to get a new one with higher tier, also of the same zodiac sign. For example, two Leo Horses can breed together, but you can’t breed a Leo Horse with a Virgo Horse, nor can you breed Leo I and Leo II together.

Breeding Matches of Constellation Horses

Check here: Constellation Horse Event

Recommended Combination for Crossbred

Horses of different breeds can also be bred together to create a third and different breed.

Note: If you want to breed a certain type of horse , you’re strongly recommended to visit the wiki page for each breed and check the complete breeding recipe for your expected breed.

Horsepedia Breeding Recipes

Breed How to Breed
Akhal Teke Lipizzaner x Bavarian Warmblood (17%)
Lipizzaner x Westphalian (16%)
Lipizzaner x Oldenburg (16%)
American Indian Canadian x Mustang (28%)
Canadian x Appaloosa (27%)
Canadian x Standardbred (27%)
American Paint Andalusian x Tennessee Walking (18%)
Andalusian x American Indian (18%)
Andalusian x Canadian Pacer (17%)
American Saddlebred American Warmblood x Akhal Teke (32%)
Shire x American Warmblood (19%)
Shire x Belgian Warmblood (19%)
American Warmblood Hackney x Welara (23%)
Rocky Mountain x Welara (21%)
Rocky Mountain x Hackney (18%)
Andalusian Quarter x Missouri Fox Trotter (34%)
Quarter x Tennessee Walking (33%)
Quarter x Mustang (31%)
Anglo-Norman Andalusian x Gelderland (31%)
Andalusian x Groningen (31%)
Breton x Ardennes (27%)
Appaloosa Standardbred x Ardennes (36%)
Standardbred x Breton (35%)
Standardbred x Merens (34%)
Arabian Rocky Mountain x Haflinger (24%)
Hackney x Dutch Warmblood (24%)
Fjord x Friesian (23%)
Ardennes Appaloosa x Holsteiner (33%)
Appaloosa x Anglo-Norman (33%)
Appaloosa x Selle Francais (31%)
Australian Brumby Jutland x Belgian Warmblood (36%)
Jutland x Thoroughbred (33%)
Jutland x Wurttemberger (26%)
Azteca Sorraia x Akhal Teke (35%)
Sorraia x American Saddlebred (35%)
Sorraia x Suffolk Punch (33%)
Bavarian Warmblood Haflinger x Westphalian (24%)
Haflinger x Oldenburg (23%)
Haflinger x Dutch Harness (18%)
Belgian Warmblood Australian Brumby x Frederiksborg (24%)
Australian Brumby x Thoroughbred (22%)
Australian Brumby x Hanoverian (20%)
Breton Standardbred x Holsteiner (35%)
Standardbred x Anglo-Norman (35%)
Standardbred x Selle Francais (33%)
Canadian Appaloosa x American Indian (35%)
Appaloosa x Tennessee Walking (35%)
Appaloosa x Mustang (32%)
Canadian Pacer Standardbred x Missouri Fox Trotter (34%)
Standardbred x American Indian (33%)
Standardbred x Mustang (31%)
Chincoteague Pony Welsh Pony x American Paint (27%)
Welsh Pony x Groningen (24%)
Welsh Pony x Tennessee Walking (20%)
Clydesdale Shire x Bavarian Warmblood (24%)
Shire x Westphalian (24%)
Shire x Oldenburg (23%)
Connemara Pony Welsh Pony x Morgan (24%)
Welsh Pony x Gelderland (21%)
Welsh Pony x Missouri Fox Trotter (18%)
Criollo Canadian x Tennessee Walking (18%)
Canadian x American Indian (18%)
Canadian x Andalusian (17%)
Dartmoor Pony Chincoteague Pony x Connemara Pony (19%)
Shetland Pony x Connemara Pony (18%)
Shetland Pony x Chincoteague Pony (17%)
Dolehest Holsteiner x Groningen (26%)
Anglo-Norman x Gelderland (25%)
Holsteiner x Anglo-Norman (24%)
Dutch Harness Groningen x Dutch Warmblood (26%)
Gelderland x Dutch Warmblood (26%)
Gelderland x Groningen (22%)
Dutch Warmblood Dolehest x Haflinger (32%)
Groningen x Dutch Harness (28%)
Groningen x Dolehest (25%)
Fjord Friesian x Hackney (38%)
Criollo x American Paint (29%)
American Indian x Tennessee Walking (17%)
Frederiksborg Orlov Trotter x Belgian Warmblood (25%)
Orlov Trotter x Thoroughbred (22%)
Orlov Trotter x Australian Brumby (20%)
Friesian Rocky Mountain x Arabian (36%)
American Paint x Morgan (27%)
Tennessee Walking x Missouri Fox Trotter (15%)
Gelderland Anglo-Norman x Groningen (30%)
Selle Francais x Groningen (28%)
Anglo-Norman x Selle Francais (26%)
Gotland Pony Welsh Pony x Connemara Pony (32%)
Welsh Pony x Chincoteague Pony (31%)
Welsh Pony x Shetland Pony (30%)
Groningen Holsteiner x Dolehest (34%)
Selle Francais x Gelderland (28%)
Selle Francais x Holsteiner (27%)
Gypsy Vanner Lusitano x Dutch Warmblood (28%)
Hanoverian x Dolehest (27%)
Lusitano x Dolehest (25%)
Hackney Welara x American Warmblood (49%)
Arabian x Oldenburg (43%)
Fjord x Rocky Mountain (29%)
Haflinger Dolehest x Dutch Warmblood (27%)
Gelderland x Dutch Harness (25%)
Dolehest x Gelderland (22%)
Hanoverian Lusitano x Black Forest (37%)
Lusitano x Thoroughbred (33%)
Lusitano x Wurttemberger (25%)
Highland Pony Gotland Pony x Connemara Pony (31%)
Gotland Pony x Chincoteague Pony (30%)
Gotland Pony x Shetland Pony (29%)
Holsteiner Canadian Pacer x Gelderland (30%)
Canadian Pacer x Groningen (30%)
Ardennes x Merens (25%)
Icelandic Connemara Pony x Haflinger (29%)
Chincoteague Pony x Dutch Harness (26%)
Shetland Pony x Dutch Warmblood (25%)
Irish Sport Wurttemberger x Rocky Mountain (35%)
Wurttemberger x Dutch Harness (35%)
Wurttemberger x Orlov Trotter (35%)
Jutland Wurttemberger x Friesian (34%)
Wurttemberger x Haflinger (34%)
Wurttemberger x Australian Brumby (34%)
Knabstrupper Lusitano x Rocky Mountain (31%)
Jutland x Rocky Mountain (30%)
Irish Sport x Rocky Mountain (29%)
Lipizzaner Jutland x Haflinger (40%)
Australian Brumby x Dolehest (38%)
Jutland x Dolehest (35%)
Lusitano Wurttemberger x Hanoverian (33%)
Wurttemberger x Dutch Warmblood (30%)
Wurttemberger x Fjord (30%)
Marwari Paso Fino x Akhal Teke (35%)
Paso Fino x Percheron (35%)
Paso Fino x Sorraia (33%)
Merens Quarter x Holsteiner (37%)
Quarter x Anglo-Norman (36%)
Quarter x Selle Francais (35%)
Missouri Fox Trotter Canadian Pacer x Mustang (27%)
Canadian Pacer x Standardbred (26%)
Canadian Pacer x Quarter (26%)
Morgan Canadian Pacer x Tennessee Walking (17%)
Canadian Pacer x American Indian (17%)
Canadian Pacer x Canadian (15%)
Mustang Quarter x Canadian (32%)
Quarter x Appaloosa (32%)
Quarter x Standardbred (32%)
National Show Azteca x American Saddlebred (35%)
Azteca x Paso Fino (33%)
Azteca x Sorraia (33%)
Oldenburg Dutch Warmblood x Bavarian Warmblood (25%)
Dutch Warmblood x Westphalian (25%)
Dutch Warmblood x Haflinger (20%)
Orlov Trotter Irish Sport x Frederiksborg (36%)
Irish Sport x Thoroughbred (34%)
Irish Sport x Wurttemberger (27%)
Paso Fino Akhal Teke x Belgian Warmblood (35%)
Akhal Teke x Clydesdale (33%)
Akhal Teke x Lipizzaner (20%)
Percheron Shire x Trakehner (19%)
Shire x Akhal Teke (19%)
Lipizzaner x Belgian Warmblood (17%)
Quarter Mustang x Ardennes (37%)
Mustang x Breton (36%)
Mustang x Merens (35%)
Rocky Mountain Fjord x Hackney (34%)
Criollo x Morgan (28%)
American Indian x Missouri Fox Trotter (16%)
Selle Francais Canadian x Gelderland (34%)
Canadian x Groningen (34%)
Merens x Breton (29%)
Shetland Pony Welsh Pony x Criollo (28%)
Welsh Pony x Holsteiner (24%)
Welsh Pony x American Indian (22%)
Shire Irish Sport x Dutch Harness (34%)
Orlov Trotter x Dolehest (33%)
Irish Sport x Dolehest (31%)
Sorraia Clydesdale x Black Forest (33%)
Clydesdale x Belgian Warmblood (31%)
Clydesdale x Shire (20%)
Standardbred Quarter x Ardennes (36%)
Quarter x Breton (35%)
Quarter x Merens (34%)
Suffolk Punch Wurttemberger x Black Forest (20%)
Gotland Pony x Belgian Warmblood (19%)
Lipizzaner x Clydesdale (19%)
Tennessee Walking Andalusian x Mustang (29%)
Andalusian x Appaloosa (28%)
Andalusian x Quarter (28%)
Thoroughbred Irish Sport x Friesian (23%)
Orlov Trotter x Groningen (19%)
Orlov Trotter x Gelderland (19%)
Trakehner Westphalian x Bavarian Warmblood (27%)
Oldenburg x Bavarian Warmblood (26%)
Oldenburg x Westphalian (26%)
Westphalian Dutch Harness x Bavarian Warmblood (25%)
Dutch Harness x Oldenburg (24%)
Dutch Harness x Dutch Warmblood (18%)
Wurttemberger Irish Sport x Morgan (36%)
Irish Sport x American Paint (35%)
Irish Sport x Criollo (34%)
Welara Hackney x Westphalian (26%)
Hackney x Oldenburg (26%)
Rocky Mountain x Friesian (20%)
Welsh Pony Connemara Pony x Canadian Pacer (32%)
Chincoteague Pony x Andalusian (31%)
Shetland Pony x Canadian (29%)

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