Players can interact with their Stabled horses through four randomly requested activities.

Once an activity is completed, you will receive EXP points (Level star trans), your foals & horses[1] are awarded with EXP points (Icon horse exp horseshoe) and adult horses gain an energy boost (Icon horse energy).


Icon over Stable: Food item symbol

How-to: Tap on the food icon, then drag the requested amount of food into the feed trough. It might be a quantity of 1 or 11!

What you can feed: This is the most often requested activity, so make sure you have plenty of different food items available in storage! The horses can eat anything that you grow or make, except for honey.

Feed 2    Feed 3

Muck OutEdit

Activity muck-out

Icon over Stable: Straw Pile MuckOut

How-to: The soiled bedding is automatically removed, you'll need to drag fresh straw to the areas where it is missing. There are usually 3 - 5 areas to cover.

Muck out 1    Muck out 2

Free RoamEdit

Activity icon free-roam Icon over Stable: Gate

How-to: Simply tap the gate icon and your horse will trot outside for some Paddock time. Note: It is called "free roam" because the horse is sent to roam around in the paddock. It does cost coins.

Free Roam 1    Free Roam 2


Activity groom

Icon over Stable: Brown Dandy Brush Groom

How-to: Horses get dirty! Tap the brush icon to go in the stable, drag the brush over the horse to scrub up, down, left and right, until they are clean. A progress bar shows when you are finished.

"Help! I Can't Groom My Horses!": Unfortunately, not all platforms have the grooming activity.

Groom 1    Groom 2

Training/Boarding Edit

Main Article: Stablehand

You can assign random Friends to board(train) your horse for a period of time (see Paddock, also). This will award horse exp points and costs coins.

Notes & References Edit

  1. Horses can only gain experience until max Level 15. See Stats
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